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Alaçatı Windsurf Başlangıç Eğitimi

Beginner Course

  • If you've never windsurfed before this is where you'll start.

  • This course consists of 5 sessions.

  • You can complete 1 hour a day, or 2 and a half. The choice is yours.

  • You can take a 1-on-1 private lesson, or a 3-person group lesson.

  • After you've completed this basic course, you can sail and make turns with your windsurf on an amateur level.

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Intermediate Level

  • You learn how to make quick turns, get on the board from the beach without having to pull the sail up from its rope and make downwind turns with the beginner equipment without slowing down in low winds.

  • At the end of this course, you can relieve some load off of your arms by carrying the weight of the sail with the harness you'll wear around your waist. So, with the harness you can now surf for longer without getting tired.


Advanced Level

  • By putting your feet in the foot straps on your windsurf board, you can start to control it. Now you can sail long distances faster.

  • Through the water start technique you can start surfing by getting up from the water with your sail instead of pulling the sail up from the water.

  • When this stage is completed, you've started windsurfing to the fullest.

Wing Foil ve Wingsurf Alaçatı


Wing Foil  & Wind Foil Courses

  • Our wing foil courses consist of 5 sessions.

  • Our courses are made up of 1-on-1 private lessons.

  • You can do 2 hours a day or 3. The choice is yours!

  • After five sessions you’ve now started you fly!

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